DeMarini NVS Vexxum Review

DeMarini NVS Vexxum

DeMarini is not a household name like Easton or Louisville Slugger, but their alloy and composite bats, while typically having a higher average price, feature some of the best materials and cutting-edge designs on the market.

Quick Look: Top 3 Picks

  • 2.625-inch barrel diameter
  • 3 length to weight ratio
  • weight ratio of -12
  • It is available in sizes
  • C6 composite handle created
  • X12 Alloy barrel

This has granted DeMarini bats a special place in bat aficionados’ hearts. Their niche as a top-of-the-line bat manufacturer earns them praise each year, upon the announcement of their new lineup of bats.

By offering more styles and colors, the collection of DeMarini bats are more expansive and impressive than ever. The NVS Vexxum is no exception to this.

Offered in BBCOR, Little League Youth Barrel, Senior League Barrel and Junior League Big Barrel sizes, the NVS Vexxum marries balance, control and speed to deliver a super-lightweight, aluminum bat.

Each version has the same innovative features, but varies in drop-weights, barrel sizes and other measurements to be in accordance of different league rules. They also feature different color schemes to help differentiate one bat from the next.


The DeMarini Vexxum has a two-piece design that connects its X12 alloy barrel with the C6 composite handle.

Many hitters prefer this composite design because they feel it gives the bat more “flex” during the swing. Others prefer the feel and vibration absorption.

However, the choice between one-piece and composite design ultimately boils down to player’s preference.

The Vexxum’s barrel design is engineered to deliver an incredibly light swing weight, which allows for faster bat speeds and more flex.

The surface of the X12 alloy barrel has superior responsiveness for a maximum trampoline effect on hit balls.

The bat’s sweet spot has actually grown compared to its 2015 precursor, which gives balls even more spring than before. This expanded sweet spot could just be the difference between a routine defensive play and an extra base hit.

DeMarini combines the X12 alloy barrel with the C6 composite handle. The handle’s improved strength helps make the NVS Vexxum a durable yet efficient bat.

The handle delivers a reactive feel to the hitter upon contact, which allows them to experience the contact of each batted ball.

However, to avoid painful ringing in the hands, the transition point between handle and barrel is designed to help reduce vibrations by the time they reach the players hands. In order to absorb these vibrations further, the NVS Vexxum implements a Big D End Cap.

In addition, this feature helps focus energy to the sweet spot, without adding any extra weight at the end of the bat.

With its lightweight design, the NVS Vexxum is excellent at improving the player’s overall bat speed and control.

Unlike DeMarini’s other sticks, such as the Insane or Voodoo Raw that aim for maximum power and distance, the Vexxum is the weapon of choice for speedy contact hitters.

Although, with this year’s aforementioned improved sweet spot, do not be surprised if the Vexxum helps put a few more balls over the fence.

DeMarini NVS Vexxum BBCOR

The BBCOR-certified version of the NVS Vexxum is cleared for collegiate and high school levels of play. It has a 2.625-inch barrel diameter and a -3 length to weight ratio.

This bat has the lowest moment-of-inertia (MOI) rating of any of the DeMarini BBCOR bats. The low MOI rating helps improve bat control and swing speed, but generates less power; this furthers the Vexxum’s case as a bat preferred by contact hitters and not power hitters.

DeMarini NVS Vexxum BBCOR


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2015 NVS Vexxum BBCOR


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The DeMarini NVS Vexxum BBCOR edition has a blue and white color scheme accented with gunmetal gray.

Little League Youth Barrel

The DeMarini NVS Vexxum Litte League Youth Barrel has a silver, orange and gunmetal gray color scheme. It is available in sizes from 29 to 32 inches and 17 to 20 ounces, for an overall length to weight ratio of -12.

Thanks to this low drop weight and the bat’s speed-enhancing design, youth hitters can wait longer before committing to a pitch. This allows them to see the ball better and make contact more often.

Thus, the DeMarini Vexxum’s Little League Youth version may be ideal for a young hitter who is having problem hitting the ball.

Wilson DeMarini 2016 NVS Vexxum Baseball Bat

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DeMarini 2015 Youth NVS Vexxum Baseball Bat

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The bat has a 2.25-inch barrel, which is standard among most youth-league bats, and is approved for play in Little League, Babe Ruth USSSA and many other youth and amateur leagues.

Senior League Barrel

With a -10 length to weight ratio and 2.625-inch barrel diameter, the DeMarini NVS Vexxum Senior League Barrel fits the standards of USSSA leagues.

Contact hitters participating in senior leagues will love its balanced weight design. Plus, fans of the previous DeMarini NVS Vexxum models will enjoy how lively batted balls are thanks to the expanded sweet spot.

2016 NVS Vexxum Senior League

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2015 NVS Vexxum Senior League


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The senior league style of the Vexxum comes in a black and white color scheme that is enhanced by blue graphics and details. It is available in 28 to 32 inches in length and 18 to 22 ounces in weight.

Junior League Big Barrel

The last Vexxum bat in the new lineup is the Junior League Big Barrel, which comes in a red, blue and white color pattern. It is available as a 26, 27 or 28-inch bat that weighs between 15.5 and 17.5 ounces, for an overall length to weight ratio of -10.5.

2016 NVS Vexxum Junior Big Barrel


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2015 NVS Vexxum Youth Big Barrel


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The barrel’s diameter is 2.75 inches, which is the fattest in the lineup and helps stretch the sweet spot even more. It is certified for play in USSSA leagues.

Pros of the NVS Vexxum

  • Expanded sweet spot compared to the 2015 model
  • Junior Big Barrel design further increases the bat’s already large sweet spot
  • X12 alloy barrel, C6 composite handle and the Big D End Cap are just a few of the high-end components featured on the Vexxum
  • Available in sizes and weights for all types of play (collegiate, amateur, youth, etc.)
  • Extremely low MOI ratings and drop weights deliver an ultra-lightweight design for improved bat speed

Cons of the NVS Vexxum

  • NVS Vexxum has a higher price point than similar bats for each league
  • Only available in a two-piece, composite design (only the DeMarini Insane is a one-piece stick)
  • Geared more towards speedy contact hitters looking for extra spring than power hitters
  • Does not qualify for DeMarini’s custom design workshop


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