Best Baseball Bags and Backpacks

best baseball equipment bags

You may look at a baseball equipment bag as an accessory, rather than an important piece of equipment itself.

However, the more and more you play and pick up different bats and other pieces of equipment, the more vital it will become.

Especially as you move up to more competitive levels of play, carrying everything from the car to the field by hand becomes less practical, even a little embarrassing.

There is nothing worse than losing your cargo halfway across the field and having to stop and reorganize everything in your hands, all in front of the other team’s dugout.

Quick Look: Top 5 Picks

  • Has mesh side compartment
  • Offers better ventilation
  • Offers a functioning solution at a very affordable price
  • Bag with lots of functionality
  • Has an optional and detachable straps
  • Enhances the equipment bag’s durability and longevity
  • Has padded bat sleeves
  • Ultra protective
  • Durable
  • Has carry extra gear
  • Has removable shoe compartment
  • Allows you to keep muddy cleats away
  • Adjustable
  • Large area for Embroidery
  • Multiple storage compartments

When we talk about baseball bats and hitting, we often talk about how a particular stick can help build confidence at the plate, whether it is through an impressive sound or even the bat’s intimidating look.

The same can be said about equipment bags. Accidentally dropping your equipment on the field takes a toll on your confidence during the game, whereas walking onto the diamond, with everything on your back (or however your bat bag is designed to be carried), allows you to focus on the game at hand and not that water bottle about to slip out of your armpit.

Aside from the traveling and carrying conveniences, baseball equipment bags or backpacks also allow you to carry more.

There may be things that you would not normally bring into the dugout because they are non-essential.

Yet, having them on hand can be a nice luxury sometimes. Maybe it is an energy bar for an extra innings game, or a bottle of sunblock, just in case the sun comes out of those clouds.

Whatever it may be, bat bags are usually equipped with lots of different pockets and compartments to store even the small stuff; everything you could possibly need in a game, all in one convenient location.

What you need to know about equipment bags

Typically, baseball equipment bags come in a few different styles. The best style for you often depends on personal preference or simply how much stuff you have to carry. The most common varieties are wheeled equipment bags, equipment batpacks (a play on the backpack), tote equipment bags and catcher’s bags.

Each of these styles has its own pros and cons. For example, the batpacks or totes can get heavy after carrying them for awhile, which can put strain on the shoulders and back. Alternatively, the wheeled equipment bags may lessen this strain, but can be hard to maneuver in tight spaces or across uneven terrain.

In addition to these styles, it is also important to pay attention to whether a particular product is designed as a team equipment bag or for single player use.

Team equipment bags are meant to carry a lot more stuff, but will frequently lack the smaller compartments, which can be useful for securing your car keys, phone or even a snack during the game.

Sometimes, catcher’s bags and team equipment bags are sold as the same products, as these bags have to be large enough to house a set of catcher’s equipment, in addition to bats and other gear.

Choosing the Best Baseball Equipment Bag

When looking for the best baseball bags, make a list of all of your equipment, including those small items, like sunscreen, a pair of sunglasses, a lucky handkerchief and so on. Before making any final purchasing decision, compare your list to your chosen bag to ensure it has room for all of your gear, as well as some extra space for any future equipment you may pick up in your baseball career.

To help get your search for the best baseball equipment bag started, here are some of the top backpacks and equipment bags available.

Wilson Team Gear Bag Review

When it comes to a team equipment bag, the Wilson Team Gear Bag is an affordable, basic option. Its main compartment is extremely sizeable and large enough to fit multiple bats, a set of catcher’s gear and other smaller piece of equipment; whatever else your team may use.

This is really the best quality of a team equipment bag because, without it, there wouldn’t be enough room for all of your team’s stuff. The front pocket of the Wilson Team Gear Bag is perfect to keep a notebook, schedule, clipboard, scorebook and other smaller accessories.

This means you never have to rifle through that main compartment to find the lost pencil for the scorebook (this happens more than you would think).

One additional feature of the Wilson Team Gear Bag is the mesh side compartment. This material allows gear inside this pouch to have better ventilation for more breathability. This part of the Gear Bag is designed for wet, sweaty gear, which you don’t want mixing in with the rest of the team’s stuff, until it has been washed and dried.

This is an often overlooked necessity, but any coach or player knows how badly the smell of sweaty equipment lingers.

The Wilson Team Gear Bag may seem basic. It does not have any detachable compartments or special features, aside from the mesh side compartment. However, most team equipment bags lack these features anyways.

After all, a team equipment bag does not need the added organization of a personal batpack. The Wilson Team Gear Bag offers a functioning solution at a very affordable price. While it only comes it four color options, the side panel is intentionally left empty, so a team to embroider their logo or name on.

DeMarini Special OPS Backpack

When it comes to a bag with lots of functionality, protection and helpful features, few can match the DeMarini Black Ops Bag. This equipment bag is a hybrid between a wheeled bag and a batpack, in that it has optional and detachable straps that allow you to wear it on your back.

If it gets too strenuous, place it on the ground, open the telescopic handle and allow the rugged wheels to bare the weight across a variety of surfaces. Once you get to the dugout, the fence claw lets you hang your bag up, keeping it off the ground and out of the way.

For protection, the bag has a hard-body construction, which not only protects the equipment inside the bag, but also enhances the equipment bag’s durability and longevity.

DeMarini Ops Wheeled Bag

DeMarini Black Ops Baseball/Softball Equipment Wheel Bag

In addition, the DeMarini Black Ops Bag has padded bat sleeves, to ensure that no damage befalls your prized sticks. In fact, most of the compartments are not only adjustable, but also protectively padded.

Protection is a main concern of players and the Black Ops equipment bag certainly has the answers in spades. Even though the DeMarini Black Ops Bag is on the high end, as far as costs go, it answers on every quality that a player could want in an equipment bag.

It is ultra protective, durable, can be worn on the back or wheeled and it can hold up to four bats! The only drawback to this equipment bag is that it lacks any color options; it is only available in black. However, there is a “customization zone,” where a player can apply a team patch or logo.

Easton E700W (Wheeled): The Best Catchers Bag

It is no secret that catchers have to carry extra gear; therefore, they need an equipment bag that can handle those needs.

Well, Easton may just have the answer with the E700W. This wheeled bag is designed specifically for catchers (or a position player that just needs a lot of extra space) and has the volume to fit an entire set of their gear.

In addition, it has four bat sleeves and a number of other compartments, including a removable shoe compartment, which is ideal because it allows you to keep muddy cleats away from the rest of your gear and it can washed independently from the rest of the bag.

Easton E500C - The Best Catchers Bag

With the added weight of a full set of catcher’s gear, Easton made sure that the E700W was both durable and spacious enough to accommodate. The wheels are bracketed to full bottom rains, which ensures that they won’t succumb to even the heaviest equipment loads.

In addition, all of the zippers are heavy-duty and lockable and the straps are reinforced, so there is no risk of blowouts, busted zippers or unsecure items.

Lastly, Since catcher’s equipment tends to soak up the most amount of sweat, the E700W equipment bag has strategic ventilation to help minimize odor and also allow the equipment to dry faster.

For its price, space and catcher-specific features, the E700W definitely makes the cut. If there had to be a drawback, it lacks a lot of color choices (7).

Mizuno Team OG5 Duffle Bag Review

Despite having “team” in its name, this bag is not really large enough to be a team equipment bag and is more designed for a single position player to use (it also is not recommended for a catcher, as it lacks the necessary room for a full set of gear).

The Mizuno Team OG5 is a fairly straightforward bag that offers a few features found on a lot of equipment bags. It has a separate footwear compartment to keep dirty cleats away from your gear. It also features a valuables pouch, to house your keys, wallet, phone and such.

While a duffle bag tote doesn’t have the ease of transportation like a wheeled bag, the Mizuno Team OG5 has an added benefit of being functional outside of the game.

It is also much easier to travel with, whether your team is using a bus or plane. For carrying, the bag can be carried like a tote or slung over the shoulder with the attachable shoulder strap. Overall, the Mizuno Team OG5 duffel bag has a lot of very basic features. It is spacious enough to carry all your bats and equipment.

While it lacks the individual bat sleeves offered by some equipment carriers, the Team OG5 is a functioning duffel bag, even when you aren’t using it for your baseball gear.

It’s considerably lightweight, which does sacrifice some of its protective qualities, but makes it easier to transport. Considering its simplicity, it is fairly priced.

Boombah Wonderpack Review

Boombah’s Wonderpack has a lot of utility and it is a lot less common to see on the field because the company sells direct to consumers.m

Thus, it is not going to be available at your local sporting good store or even on a third-party webpage, which means it is not only functional, but also unique. This batpack has four slots for mesh sleeves for bats. Since the straps are adjustable, these sleeves will fit a softball or baseball bat, even if it has a larger barrel.

The Wonderpack’s bottom compartment is also mesh and is designed to fit a pair of cleats. The mesh material allows them to breathe during transportation and prevents the rest of your gear from smelling like sweaty socks..

Just above this bottom compartment, there is a zipper pouch that houses a helmet sling. This adjusts to fit around a batting helmet and keeps it securely snug against the batpack.

If you do not have a bat helmet, the sling can stay hidden inside its pouch. The main pocket of the Wonderpack is large enough to house the rest of your gear. There are internal dividers to keep things organized, but if they get in the way, you can easily remove them.

At the top of the pack, there is a valuables pouch, for your car keys, wallet, jewelry or anything else that you want to keep safe and away from the rest of your gear. There is also a hook, so the Wonderpack can be hung from the dugout fence or a hook.

Overall, the Wonderpack by Boombah has a very practical design. It is available in 27 different colors, which means there is bound to be one to match your team uniform. Also worth mentioning, it has a low price point, especially considering all of the features.

Partly, this price is because you are getting it right from Boombah. It is also available as a rolling batpack as well, so no matter what your prefered style of equipment bag, Boombah’s got you covered.


Overall, it is hard not to give the “best baseball bag” award to the Boombah Wonderpack. It really lives up to its name, with four bat sleeves, ventilated compartment for cleats, helmet sling and so many other great features. Not to mention, it is extremely affordable, which makes it hard to even compare it to some of its competitors that offer less for a higher price.

Why buy a $9 PB&J when you can have a $6 sandwich with the works? It also comes in a huge variety of colors and buyers have the option to purchase a hybrid model that has wheels. For the additional equipment needs of a catcher, the Easton E700W Wheeled Catcher’s Bag has no match.

Its key features are its strategic ventilation holes, which help minimize odor and wick away residual sweat.

It also has all a surplus of space, so an entire set of catcher’s gear can fit securely within the bag. Just in case your E700W becomes a little overloaded, the zippers and straps are reinforced to resist breaking or tearing open.


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