Best ASA Softball Bats

best asa softball bats guide

The Amateur Softball Association (ASA) is the national governing body of Softball in the United States.

They certify the best ASA softball bats for play. We’ll look at some of these sticks in detail in the ASA softball bat reviews section of this buyer’s guide.

The ASA is also the oldest softball association in the world and responsible for the National Softball Hall of Fame and Museum and nearby ASA Hall of Fame Stadium, which hosts the World Cup of Softball, NCAA Big 12 Conference and subsequent Women’s College World Series. By the numbers, the ASA consists of over 3 million players, thousands of umpires and league officials and spans across 50 states and beyond.

Quick Look: Top 5 Picks

  • One of the best sounding fastpitch softball bats
  • HYPERSKIN Helix Grip and CONNEXION+ Technology deliver both comfort and hitter confidence
  • Double barrel design has explosive potential
  • Lots of performance-enhancing features for a high performing bat
  • Negates bat sting and transfers that energy back into the barrel
  • Available in multiple drop weights and styles to appeal to any type of hitter
  • Very fast, lightweight swing
  • IST Technology reduces bat sting and redirects energy to the barrel
  • Affordable price for a brand new, fastpitch softball bat
  • Biggest sweet spot that Louisville Slugger has to offer
  • Available in a wide range of drop weights to appease all hitters
  • Three-piece design delivers unmatched feel and tremendous vibration dampening
  • Closest thing to an end loaded fastpitch bat that Louisville Slugger offers
  • X-Grip is much better than other Louisville Slugger bats
  • PWR STAX barrel technology creates impressive pop to further build the hitter’s confidence

What Are The ASA’s Regulations For Bat Certification

The ASA manages youth and adult leagues for both slowpitch and fastpitch softball play. They have corresponding rules, with regards to appropriate bats, for each type of play. To qualify a bat for play, the ASA uses a “batted-ball speed standard” (BBS), which determines the maximum level of performance allowed by bats. The batted-ball speed standard regulates how fast a ball can leave the bat after a hit. Introduced in early 2000, this standard (and many others similar to it, like the Bat Performance Factor, or BPF)) was designed to protect infielders, especially the pitcher, from balls hit at potentially deadly speeds.

For bats to be approved and certified by the ASA, they must have a BBS standard of 98 mph.

ith the heavi

The ASA has designated this as a safe level of performance for bats, which helps protect pitchers and other players in the event of a sharp line drive. Fastpitch and slowpitch softball bats that are approved by the ASA, and meet the acceptable BBS requirement, carry a certification mark issued by association. These stamps are issued every few years, as needed, when the ASA alters its rules and regulatory standards. The most recent certification issued by the ASA was in 2013. It’s also worth mentioning that the ASA does not permit bats manufactured before 2000 because that is the year they began testing for batted ball speeds.

Other bats initially received ASA certification, but later became banned as the ASA’s guidelines changed. For a complete list of these regulations and approved bats, you can visit the ASA’s website. In most cases, a new fastpitch or slowpitch softball bat will likely carry the correct 2013 (or newer) stamp and be permitted to play. Without the appropriate ASA stamp, it is up to the umpire or league official present to determine whether or not the bat is legal for play. Since rules can change even from area to area, it may be worth the time to consult an authority figure in your league before you make a final purchasing decision.

How to Pick the Best ASA Softball Bat

When choosing the appropriate ASA, approved bat for a slowpitch or fastpitch league, as always, you have to assess the type of of player you are. By knowing your height, weight and hitting style, you can determine the exact bat size you need and whether you want an end-loaded, power hitting bat or a more balanced stick. Other preferences, such as one-piece versus two-piece, are less important, but should be explored if you are interested in finding the absolute best fit in a bat. Affordability is also always worth considering. Many premier softball bats out there can cost hundreds of dollars. If you are in a competitive league, such as fastpitch high school or college play, having the best of the best is crucial to you and your team’s success. Thus, spending a little extra money for those performance-enhancing features can be essential. On the other hand, if you plan to play in an amateur slowpitch softball league, chances are you don’t need that expensive DeMarini, even if it will help you drive the ball farther. Visiting a local pro shop or batting cage should always be your first step in choosing the right softball bat. This allows you to test a few bats out and explore different styles before making a purchasing decision.

Remember, even if a bat has excellent reviews, every hitter is different, In you hands, it may not be that remarkable.

In order to make a purchasing decision easier for you, here are some of the best ASA softball bats.

Best ASA Softball Bat Reviews

This list is designed to present a few options that appeal to different hitters. Not every player can afford the top-of-the-line, premier and expensive bats. Thus, a few affordable options are highlighted as well. We’ve included a selection of both slowpitch and fastpitch bats. No matter what type of league you are in, there will be an option on this list to meet your needs. After the reviews, we’ll choose a couple of the bats that are the best options for various categories, like best cheap asa softball bats, hottest asa slowpitch softball bats, etc. All of the following bat choices have been approved for ASA play.

Easton Ghost Double Barrel Fastpitch Bat

The Ghost Double Barrel is the newest edition to the lineup of Easton’s fastpitch softball bats. The bat is a two-piece, composite softball bat with a -10 length-to-weight ratio, which is a pretty average weight for fastpitch bats and helps deliver the balanced swing of this stick. It gets its name from the double barrel design, which produces tremendous pop on batted balls. Players enjoy the feel and sound of each hit. Much of the sound and some of the performance generated by this bat is thanks to the inner barrel, which increases the trampoline effect on hits.

The outer barrel is designed to be softer than normal bats, which means the Ghost Double Barrel bat for fastpitch softball requires a very little break in period. For comfort and enhanced confidence, Easton implements their CONNEXION+ Technology. This resides at the point of connection between handle and barrel and aims to produce better energy transfer. As a result, this performance-enhancing feature helps eliminate unpleasant feedback, also know as “bat sting,” caused by hitting balls away from the sweet spot. When a hitter isn’t afraid of these negative and sometimes painful vibrations, they have more confidence to swing freely at the plate. Also aiding in the comfort efforts of the Easton Ghost Double Barrel is the 1.2mm thick HYPERSKIN Helix Grip. Not only does this tacky material help get the hitter’s hands from drifting during their swing, but it is comfortable and acts as a second wall of defense against bat sting. The bat aims to bolster durability by using its Xtra Tough Resin Matrix (XTX) composite material in the construction of the bat. However, some early reviewers report that the bat has significant durability issues and is prone to cracking after only a short while.


  • One of the best sounding fastpitch softball bats
  • HYPERSKIN Helix Grip and CONNEXION+ Technology deliver both comfort and hitter confidence
  • Double barrel design has explosive potential


  • Mid-to-high range price
  • Durability could be an issue

If theEaston Ghost Double Barrel fastpitch softball bat lasts as long as it should, it could be a great bat with good performance, comfort and sound. However, if the reported durability issues are true, then you could be stuck in a warranty wormhole.

DeMarini CFX Fastpitch Softball Bat

For the past few years, the CFX and its predecessors have been the most popular DeMarini fastpitch softball bats. The CFX takes the level of DeMarini excellence to another level with its wide range of features and impressive technologies. This two-piece composite fastpitch bat is available in a wide range of models. In terms of drop weights, the CFX series runs from a heavier -8 to the lighter -11.

CFX (-8) Fastpitch Bat
CFX (-9) Fastpitch Bat
CFX (-11) Fastpitch Bat

There are three models that share a -10 drop. One, the CFX slapper, is designed for left-handed hitters and the other, the CFX Insane, has a slight end load that appeals to power hitters.

CFX Insane (-10) Endload
CFX Slapper (-10)
CFX (-10) Balanced

With all these different variations, the DeMarini CFX has an option for all types of batters. At the top of the bat is the 3-Fusion End Cap, which helps fine-tune the CFX’s weight distribution. This creates an even more balanced swing and allows the hitter to control the barrel of the bat more effectively.

It also helps improve the bat’s integrity for longer lasting durability. Moving down the bat, the Paraflex Composite Barrel is 22% stronger than prior DeMarini CF-series bats.

The Half + Half Design helps negate painful vibrations on mishits and actually makes the sweet spot even more explosive than normal. Also helping to eliminate the pain of bat sting is the 3-Fusion Handle Technology. Not only does this dampen vibrations, but it helps redirect the energy caused at the moment of contact and transfers it back into the barrel and thereby batted balls.

Finally, at the very bottom of the bat, is the RCK Knob. This knob is common in all DeMarini bats because it is anatomically designed to fit the batter’s bottom hand. This creates a more comfortable grip.


  • Lots of performance-enhancing features for a high performing bat
  • Negates bat sting and transfers that energy back into the barrel
  • Available in multiple drop weights and styles to appeal to any type of hitter


  • New bat means paying a high expense

The DeMarini CF-Series has long been a favorite of fastpitch softball players. The new CFX is only going to continue that legacy. However, because it is a brand new bat, it has a high price point.

Louisville Slugger XENO Fastpitch Bat

The Louisville Slugger XENO is a fully composite, two-piece, fastpitch softball bat. It is available with a -11, -10, -9 or -8 length to weight ratio and the 2.25-inch barrel diameter required by the ASA certification.

Xeno (-8) Fastpitch Bat
2018 Louisville Slugger Xeno (-8) Fastpitch Bat
Xeno (-9) Fastpitch Bat
2018 Louisville Slugger Xeno (-8) Fastpitch Bat
Xeno (-10) Fastpitch Bat
2018 Louisville Slugger Xeno (-10) Fastpitch Bat
Xeno (-11) Fastpitch Bat
2018 Louisville Slugger Xeno (-10) Fastpitch Bat

Because of its range of drop weights, it makes a great ASA softball bat for younger and older players. The latest XENO is a balanced bat with a lightning-fast swing speed. Part of the reason its swing speed is so impressively quick is thanks to the ultra-lightweight X Cap. Not only does this enhance swing speed, but it also optimizes the barrel’s length for an even bigger sweet spot. This enlarged zone produces powerful, scorching hits. For even more performance, the barrel of the bat features Louisville Slugger’s patented S1ID Barrel Technology. This small, circular disk resides inside the barrel. It helps by compressing the barrel to the perfect level, for even more powerful hits. To help negate vibrations and bat sting, theLouisville Slugger XENO features the company’s patented IST Technology. Similar to Easton’s CONNEXION+ feature, this bat technology is at the connection point between the XENO’s barrel and handle. It is designed to enhance the bat’s energy transfer. This creates an overall better feel at the moment of contact. This IST Technology is important for negating bat sting, especially because the XENO fastpitch softball bat’s grip leaves something to be desired. It’s a simplistic, synthetic grip, which is comfortable to hold, but isn’t as tacky as the grips of competing models. Luckily, this is an inexpensive fix.


  • Very fast, lightweight swing
  • IST Technology reduces bat sting and redirects energy to the barrel
  • Affordable price for a brand new, fastpitch softball bat


If you are a player on a budget that can’t afford the high-priced DeMarini or Easton bats, the Louisville Slugger XENO presents a nice, more affordable alternative that has plenty of the performance-enhancing features of these competing bats.

Louisville Slugger LXT Fastpitch Bat

The Louisville Slugger LXT has been a favorite in the company’s bat lineups for many years.One of the biggest draws to this balanced, light swinging bat is that it is actually a three-piece bat, thanks to the TRU3 Technology. This third piece of the bat is a small, rubber insert placed at the connection point between barrel and handle. It acts to eliminate vibrations felt on the hands and improves the overall durability of the bat.

LXT (-8) Fastpitch Bat
2018 Louisville Slugger LXT (-8) Fastpitch Bat
LXT (-10) Fastpitch Bat
2018 Louisville Slugger LXT (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat
LXT (-11) Fastpitch Bat

2018 Louisville Slugger LXT (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat

As a result, the LXT has a feel to it, when hitting balls, that is unlike any other fastpitch softball bat on the list. Not only do the hits made with the Louisville Slugger LXT feel great, they also explode with a lot of pop to this bat.

The PBF barrel technology makes sure that the LXT has a huge sweet spot. In fact, it has the largest sweetspot out of the Louisville Slugger’s lineup of fastpitch bats. Adding more pop and bat speed to the hitter’s performance is the incredibly lightweight X-Cap at the end of the barrel.

This actually elongates the barrel for more hitting surface (and is a big contributor to that super large sweet spot) and helps the batter improve their swing speed.

The Louisville Slugger LXT is hot right out of the box, so there’s no need to break it in at batting practice. It is available in four drop weights: -11, -10, -9 and -8. This means it caters to a wide range of hitters. Even an older, power hitter might find a new favorite bat with the heaviest drop -8.

Similar to Louisville Slugger’s XENO fastpitch bat, the LXT has an average grip, which some hitters may choose to replace with an aftermarket product.


  • Biggest sweet spot that Louisville Slugger has to offer
  • Available in a wide range of drop weights to appease all hitters
  • Three-piece design delivers unmatched feel and tremendous vibration dampening


  • Mid-to-high price range
  • Compared to the high end features of this bat, its grip is lacking and may need to be replaced

As one of the most balanced and explosive bats in Louisville Slugger’s fastpitch arsenal, the LXT is poised to have another year at the top of many hitter’s lists for best fastpitch softball bats.

Louisville Slugger PXT Fastpitch Bat

The PXT is a new bat in the Louisville Slugger repertoire. It is very similar to the LXT, but with a few changes. Mainly, the PXT is geared with a little extra weight and heft to it, which makes it the closest thing to a power hitting, end loaded bat that Louisville Slugger offers.

It is important to note that the PXT is not actually end loaded, but rather has what the popular bat company refers to as a “power balanced swing weight.” This means that it still achieves a balanced swing, but requires some strength, on the hitter’s part, to produce enough swing speed to make the bat truly shine.

PXT (-8) Fastpitch Bat
2018 Louisville Slugger PXT (-8) Fastpitch Bat
PXT (-9) Fastpitch Bat
2018 Louisville Slugger PXT (-8) Fastpitch Bat
PXT (-10) Fastpitch Bat
2018 Louisville Slugger PXT (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat

This new PXT has the same TRU3 technology of the LXT, which means it is also a three-piece bat and achieves significant vibration dampening and a great feel. This helps build confidence in the hitter because they can swing without the worry of bat sting. It also has the same lightweight X-cap for a longer barrel and faster swing speed.

In place of the PBF barrel is the PWR STAX. This barrel is constructed with multiple layers to maximize the trampoline effect exerted onto batted balls. In other words, it amplifies both performance and pop at the plate.

Also unique to the PXT is the X-Grip. Both the Louisville Slugger XENO and LXT have problems with their average, synthetic grip. This grip, on the other hand, delivers on both comfort and tack. The hitter’s hands will stay in place better and won’t drift as much during their swing. This bat is available in three drop weights, including a -8, -9 and -10.


  • Closest thing to an end loaded fastpitch bat that Louisville Slugger offers
  • X-Grip is much better than other Louisville Slugger bats
  • PWR STAX barrel technology creates impressive pop to further build the hitter’s confidence


  • Power balanced swing weight may have too much heft for slap and contact hitters
  • Price is higher than the already mid-to-high LXT
  • New bat model means it hasn’t been tested like the LXT and XENO have over the years

The Louisville Slugger PXT presents an exciting addition to the company’s lineup, especially for stronger hitters who need something with a little more heft.While the price is a little high, early consumer reports suggest that it is well worth it because of the huge power and explosive potential that the bat has.

Mizuno Jennie Finch Fastpitch Bat

For younger, smaller players, the Mizuno Jennie Finch fastpitch bat is a great option. Not only is it more more affordable than many of the above, high end bats, but it also has a very light -13 length-to-weight ratio, which makes it perfect for any fresh, youth softball players.

2018 Mizuno Jennie Finch Fastpitch Bat (-13)

As a youth bat, it has a balanced swing weight. It is a one-piece bat constructed with aluminum alloy. This produces a stiff feel that is responsive upon contact. This can be a helpful tool for player’s learning the game and creating the foundation for their hitting mechanics because it allows them to feel, with better precision, when they are hitting the sweet spot or just missing it.

Thus, they can hone in on where on the barrel they should be making contact.

Bat sting can be a big issue for young players for this exact reason. They are still learning where and how to hit, which means they have a much greater propensity to mishit and create painful vibrations down on the handle and their hands.

To help combat bat sting, the Mizuno Jennie Finch Fastpitch bat implements a cushioned, synthetic grip.

This youth fastpitch bat is made from Mizuno’s 2200+ alloy. This material is engineered with two things in mind: performance and durability.

The Jennie Finch model bat is designed to last long and produce good, solid hits to build confidence in young players.

Plus, this bat was designed and inspired based on a collaboration between Mizuno and olympic USA softball icon, Jennie Finch.

So, you know your son or daughter is getting a bat that was driven by the influence of a true softball legend.


  • Very affordable, even for a youth model
  • Inspired by softball all-star Jennie Finch
  • One-piece design can be instrumental in teaching young players how to hit correctly


  • Only available in one drop weight (-13)
  • Despite the cushioned grip, the stiff bat may still produce some bat sting

Considering its price and design features, there is likely not a better youth fastpitch softball bat than the Mizuno Jennie Finch bat.

Rawlings Aspire Fastpitch Softball Bat

Competing with the Jennie Finch-inspired Mizuno youth bat is the Rawlings Aspire. It actually has similar features to the Mizuno bat, but has a slightly heavier 12.5 length-to-weight ratio. It may be a better fit for a youth player on the older side of the age range. It is a one-piece, fully composite softball bat.

Again, the one-piece design delivers a stiffer and more responsive feel, which can help a young player better determine where the best location on the bat is to make contact.

2018 Rawlings Aspire Fastpitch Bat (-12.5)

The drawback to one-piece bats is that their responsiveness can also create even more painful bat sting. Rawlings tries to remedy this with a synthetic bat grip. However, since this is a new fastpitch softball bat, it is still too early to know how effective this grip actually is in negating bat sting.

The Rawlings Aspire also features a “360-degree hitting surface” that is meant to make it easier to make good contact by producing zero dead spots across the barrel. While this can help to build confidence because there are fewer mishits, it counteracts the instructiveness of the responsive, one-piece design.


  • Grip aimed to reduce vibrations
  • One-piece bat lets young hitters feel when they are making great contact and when they aren’t
  • Bat grip aims to reduce negative feedback


  • 360-degree hitting surface undermines the one-piece, responsive feel
  • Uncertain how effective the grip is at dampening bat sting

The Rawlings Aspire fastpitch softball bat has the makings of a great youth bat. However, as a new model, there’s a lot of questions about how well the bat will actually deliver on some of its features.

Miken Freak Platinum ASA Slowpitch Bat

Since pitchers in slowpitch softball aren’t pitching the ball quickly, these bats are designed with an emphasis on power and explosiveness. The Miken Freak Platinum delivers on this with its Freakish design that is all about crushing the ball hard and far. Almost every feature of this bat is geared towards producing more energy, more power and more performance.

Miken Freak Platinum Maxload
Miken Freak Platinum Balanced

The Miken Freak Platinum is made from a revolutionary 100% composite material created with aerospace-grade fibers. Not only does this improve the bat’s performance at the plate, but also its durability. You can be comforted knowing your bat has the integrity to last all season long and then some.

The true powersource of the Miken Freak Platinum is its core, specifically the Tetra-Core Technology. The way this bat feature works is by giving the barrel both an outer and inner tube, or core. The inner tube optimizes the barrel’s compression, which produces an insane trampoline effect on batted balls.

The outer core, on the other hand, gives the bat its flex index, sweet spot and added durability. Again, slowpitch softball is all about mashing the ball as hard as you can, which means swinging without the worry of potentially painful bat sting.

The Sensi-Flex technology of this bat aims to eliminate the unpleasant feedback caused by mishits.

That alone would be enough, but this performance-enhancing feature doesn’t stop there; it also redirects energy back into the barrel. Thus, no joules (unit of energy) are lost and every ounce of your power is poured into the ball at the moment of contact.

This bat is available with a balanced or end loaded swing weight.

So even if you aren’t beefy enough to swing the half-ounce end load of the Miken Freak Platinum Maxload ASA slowpitch softball bat, you can still experience all of the cover-shredding potential of this bat with its balanced, non-loaded model.


  • Every feature of this bat helps produce more power
  • Available with a balanced swing weight or end loaded for more pop
  • Aerospace-grade fibers and materials improve bat’s longevity


  •  a new Miken Freak Platinum is about to hit the market
  • Mid-to-high price range, even as a last year model

The 2017 Miken Freak Platinum ASA slowpitch softball bat delivers on everything a hitter looks for, especially power and performance.

Plus, it is available with or without an end load, which makes it appealing to all types of hitters, contact or power hitting. The Maxload version is arguably the best ASA softball bat for home runs and slugging the long ball.

2017 Easton Ronin Slowpitch Softball Bat

The Easton Ronin is a curious case because of its three available models. Unlike the Miken Freak (and many other bat models) which differentiates its models by end loaded or not or with different drop weights, this bat has three models for the different materials and design.

There is the one-piece alloy Ronin, a one-piece composite Ronin and a two-piece, fully composite model as well.

One-piece Alloy Slowpitch Bat
One-piece Composite Slowpitch Bat

Thus, each model also has slightly different features from one another. The reason that the Easton Ronin makes the list is its price.

Compared to most bats, the Ronin is modestly priced. While the two-piece, composite model is markedly more expensive than the one-piece variations, even that price is over $100 less than many competing models, including the Miken Freak Platinum. Aside from its affordability, the 207 Easton Ronin has a number of design features that also make it noteworthy.

The composite Ronins use an IMX Advanced composite material. This maximizes the potential of the sweet spot and makes helps the bat’s barrel really shine in performance.

For the alloy Ronin, the barrel has thinner walls and an ATAC alloy. Each Easton Ronin has a 1.2mm HYPERSKIN Grip.

This grip is designed for comfort and doesn’t do much to dull bat sting, which can be important in the one-piece bats because these are much more responsive than a two-piece bat.

On the other hand, the two-piece composite bat does include Easton’s CXN ZERO technology for vibration dampening. It’s worth mentioning that the two-piece composite Easton Ronin also has a 1.5-inch longer barrel than its one-piece counterparts.


  • Affordable price makes it appealing for budgeting slowpitch softball players
  • Multiple versions suit different player preferences
  • Both composite and alloy barrels are made to withstand rough play and perform well


  • Stiff, one-piece models don’t have any features to reduce bat sting
  • Grip could be better and may be worth replacing

While you’re getting an affordable bat compared to many other slowpitch models, affordable often means fewer features and that’s exactly the problem with the 2017 Easton Ronin. That said, it is nice that it has three different models to choose from.

Viper Pro ASA Wood Slowpitch Bats

Finding a wooden bat in softball is a pretty rare occurrence. Typically, they are too heavy for fastpitch softball players to swing with enough speed to generate good contact on softballs. Plus, the added weight of the larger ball can cause breaks in wooden bats.

It is a similar story for slowpitch softball, where players are trying to generate the most power possible with the fastest swinging bat. Wood just doesn’t make the cut. That has not stopped Viper from producing a lineup of wooden softball bats.

The company believes in the traditional sound, feel and performance of wooden bats and thus makes certain that any player, in any league, has access to a high-quality wood bat. The Viper Pro ASA-approved wood bats are great sticks, even compared to their metal counterparts.

Maple is the most popular wood choice, but these bats also come in bamboo, beech, birch and ash.

Each type of wood has their own properties, but maple is one of the strongest, in terms of durability. Despite having between a -4 and -6 length-to-weight ratio (much heavier than most other softball bats), Viper designs its sticks to be “ultra light.” And, they carry some decent power due to an extra long barrel, which gives the barrel a larger sweet spot than normal.

These wood bats have a 2.25-inch barrel diameter. While maple and some of the other wood types that Viper offers are durable and help protect the bat from breaking, it is important to note that these wooden bats carry no manufacturer warranty.

If the bat breaks, it breaks. That said, they do allow you to return bats that are not cut to your exact specifications or have noticeable blemishes.


  • One of the few wood slowpitch softball bats
  • Different wood types to choose from and you can get the bat cut to your liking
  • Large barrel and sweet spot makes hitting for power easy
  • The feel, sound and heft that only a wood bat can offer


  • Wood bats don’t perform like metal ones
  • No warranty for broken bats
  • Weight of the wood bat may be too much for some players

The Viper Pro ASA Wood slowpitch softball bats are great sticks, but softball wasn’t designed to be played with wooden bats.That said, if you just enjoy the feel and sound of a wood bat too much, Viper makes some of the best asa wood softball bats around.

Best ASA Approved Softball Bats

With the ASA softball bat reviews listed, it is now time to take a look at some of the best ASA bats for various categories.

Best ASA Softball Bat For Power Hitters

For power hitters, finding the best end loaded ASA softball bats is important, whether you are in a fastpitch or slowpitch league.For slugging fastpitch players, the DeMarini CFX Insane puts an end load on an already phenomenal DeMarini bat.

Slowpitch players, on the other hand, can’t possibly go wrong with the 2017 Miken Freak Platinum Maxload softball bat. This thing is built like any good asa softball bat for slowpitch play should be built; it puts power and performance into every feature and wastes none of the hitter’s energy.

Best Balanced ASA Softball Bat

Balanced, contact hitters look for the fastest swinging, hottest ASA softball bats. Thus, their bats need to be lightweight, but also explosive upon contact. Fastpitch players will love the DeMarini CFX. Its available in a number of drop weights and even a specialized lefty, slapper version.

Slowpitch hitters looking to swat liners on the regular should look to the 2017 Miken Freak Platinum Balanced. This non-end loaded version of the Platinum produces scorching hits thanks to a number of great performance-enhancing features.

Best Cheap ASA Slowpitch Softball Bats

It’s hard to argue that the Miken Freak Platinum (Maxload or Balanced) is one of the best rated ASA softball bats on the market. But, “best” also means expensive. Not everyone can shell out on this high priced slowpitch bat. For a cheaper alternative, the 2017 Easton Ronin is a good option. While it has less performance-enhancing features, its composite and alloy materials perform well and promise durability.

Best ASA Fastpitch Softball Bats

Our ASA bat reviews have a number of fastpitch softball bats listed. Choosing the best one is a challenge because of the various price ranges and preferences of hitters. That said, it is difficult not to crown the DeMarini CFX lineup. Not only is the CFX a high performing bat full of features, but it caters to a wide range of fastpitch hitters. The  Louisville Slugger LXT fastpitch bat is a close runner up.

Best ASA Slowpitch Softball Bats

This list of ASA softball bat reviews only has a couple slowpitch options, which makes this an easy category to choose a winner for: the Miken Freak Platinum. It is one of the best ASA certified slowpitch softball bats out there and well worth its high price.

Best ASA Approved Softball Bats For Youth Players

Young players look for two things in their softball bats:

  • a pro-inspired design that makes them feel like the professional players they adulate
  • and performance features to help them grow confidence at the plate.

The Mizuno Jennie Finch fastpitch softball bat delivers on these.

Inspired by Jennie Finch, an olympic softball legend, the bat is a great instructional tool that will teach players how and where to make contact with their bat through its stiff, responsive feel.


2021 promises to be another great year for slowpitch and fastpitch softball bats. Companies like Easton, Louisville Slugger, Miken and DeMarini continue to push the possibilities with their top ASA softball bats. Will it be another year where the DeMarini CFX dominates the fastpitch bat game? Or, will newcomers like the Louisville Slugger PXT or Easton Ghost Double Barrel steal the show?

Will the Miken Freak Platinum continue to be one of the best ASA slowpitch bats?


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